When Woon Wei Li first became a single parent 16 years ago, there was no ministry for single parents to support her. Thankfully, she had a loving family who walked with her through her dark, stormy journey. Not many single parents are as blessed as her though, and that’s where PJEFC Single Parents’ Support Group (SPSG) comes in. 

“I pray that many others (single parents) will find support here as we journey together and serve one another in love,” Wei Li said.

Wei Li was speaking to 25 single parents at the PJEFC SPSG’s tea gathering on May 28. Together with Lily, the other speaker, they recounted their struggles and challenges when they became single parents, and how they surmounted the waves of despair that threatened to drown them. They testified to God’s faithfulness and their loving faith community who were always a holler away. Amidst the kuih and tea, their sharing blessed and strengthened the attendees.  

“It is really God and my family that helped me through my early days as a single parent. I am just very happy that my experience can help others,” Wei Li beamed. “By God’s divine arrangement and the Holy Spirit’s intercession, I believe that the testimonies and sharing during this gathering touched the hearts of the attendees who may be going through similar experiences that we went through.”

She added that an attendee expressed her gratitude for the gathering. “She felt welcomed and was very assured by the safe environment for her children. Thank you Rev. Alexa, the core committee, Phoebe our moderator, Lily my fellow speaker, and the other attendees for creating a safe and welcoming environment.”

For Phoebe, she was humbled by how God has been magnified in the lives of single mothers, how He has led them and been a Father to them. “Really, all things work together for the good of those who love Him. Thank you Rev. Alexa and Wei Keong for the opportunity to serve,” she said.

Naming fears, facing lonely battles and bearing unbearable losses – the sharing and conversations resonated with and stirred admiration from many attendees, according to Wei June, a connector at the gathering. “The victories, big and small, as well as the continuing challenges inspire and deeply move my maternal instinct to protect and to comfort.”

After Lai Har’s husband passed on, she lapsed into occasional bouts of depression, despite  much prayer. “I am glad that I attended this gathering. I felt so relieved and comforted when Lily shared that she also experienced fears of loneliness and uncertainty after husband’s death. This gathering provides a platform for us to meet and share our experiences so that we can support and comfort, and learn from one another,” she said.

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🙏 Remember the single parents in our prayers.

🤝 Reach out to Bro. Wei Keong (012-308 0585) or Rev. Alexa Ho (012-372 1264) if you know of a single parent who might benefit from this ministry.