Why were you born?
What is your life's purpose?
Will knowing Jesus make any difference?

Jesus: The Man and His Mission

Jesus Christ is a historical figure who lived on Earth in the first century. He is acclaimed as a great religious teacher for his moral teachings. To Christians, Jesus is more than that — Jesus is God.

He did great miracles! He came in human form on a mission to reconcile humankind with God their Creator. He did this by dying on the Cross and resurrecting to life three days later. We celebrate Christmas because of His incarnation. We celebrate Easter because of His resurrection. He ascended back to Heaven and is alive.

But, why?

Jesus did this because our sin is a barrier to knowing God. His death and resurrection are how our sins are forgiven.
Why would God want a relationship with human beings? Because that was His intention when He created us. God has loved us from the beginning. Despite all that is wrong with humanity, God’s love for us is so great that He sent Jesus as the sacrifice for our sins.

How can I experience this love?

Believing by faith in Jesus and in all that He did is how we are forgiven of our sins. Our slate is wiped clean with God and when we go wrong, His forgiveness and love are there for us. When we have this relationship with God our Creator, we have courage and purpose in facing life’s challenges.

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