Book Review – Who Cares?

Who Cares? The Story of Malaysian Care

By Betty Young
211 pages, Malaysian Care

As our church embarks on the Community Transformation, we will no doubt encounter Malaysians (and foreigners) from a wide spectrum inour society. Many of us are already are reaching to the poor, underprivileged and the physically challenged. But there are many more groups that are rarely reached yet still crying out for the love of Jesus. These include drug addicts, ex-convicts, prostitutes, ex-gang members, etc. Malaysian Care has been moving in many of these areas since its formation in the 70’s. When I was a kid I used to see many of their small publications and tapes sold in my home church. But who are they really? How did they start and what is their ministry? This books answers tells their story and will inspire us to push for Community Transformation.

Malaysian Care is synonymous with the Christian outreach for drug abuse rehabilitation, ex-convicts and special needs children. This book tells the story of how they were formed, from the stirring in the hearts of the volunteers who saw the need and hunger in our society. They detail the financial and spiritual challenges they faced in those early days. The story is inspiring, each time they saw a need, they rose up to meet the challenge by creating a new ministry. The stories are also interspersed with testimonies from their former inmates / patients. The book also ends with an introduction to some of the key people who have served and helped shaped Malaysian Care throughout the years.

While it is inspiring to read the success stories (and a few failures), it also serves as a good reminder that a lot prayer, hard work and sacrifice went into this ministry by many, many people. The book is also interspersed with many photographs and sketches from their long, storied history.

Yes, it is written in simple English and can be read by everyone. Some of the testimonials can be longer to read.

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