By Violet Wong

On the 8th day of CNY 2024, in the midst of consuming scrumptious festive meals and snacks (at a time when new blood and old blood mingle), we had the opportunity of giving away our blood at the PJEFC premises. I rolled up around noon with hubby. This wasn’t our first rodeo, and like the last time, we were warmly welcomed.

I was assigned to give a ‘small’ bag of blood, part of the measures to ensure certain groups of people, e.g. females, don’t “over-give”. The needle went in painlessly, a testament to the nurse’s expertise (though I understand this might not be the case for everyone, but rest assured I’ve heard no complaints so far). Time flew by quickly as my blood flowed out into the bag; it was good to chit-chat with other church members, which was a highlight. The entire process took roughly 30 minutes.

It goes without saying that giving blood gives life, and I am very glad that PJEFC runs blood donation drives yearly. Organising one requires hours behind the scenes, but thanks to PJEFC and UM, many could now make donating blood an annual habit, at least one bag a year for the many years to come. Praise God that a (mostly) painless prick of the needle could enhance or even save another’s life.

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