By Joshua Simon, Heritage CF Facilitator

Hello everyone! I am Joshua Simon, one of the facilitators at the Heritage Christian Fellowship (CF). It has been such a privilege to work with our amazing CF team and students. In normal circumstances, Heritage CF would meet physically, but due to Covid, all our activities have been online over Zoom for the last year. 

Running CF on Zoom has had its challenges, two of which are to get students to turn on their camera and to make the lesson interesting and memorable. But Zoom CF has also provided many new opportunities. I’ve particularly enjoyed our ice-breaker sessions, which are always creative and engaging.  

The best part of CF for me is the interaction of the students during our discussion. The students have been able to share their views and thoughts freely because they know that CF is a safe space for them. Seeing the students expressing themselves clearly and growing together is what makes serving in the CF so awesome.

I really look forward to CF and meeting lots of new friends!

Get Involved

🙏CF meets physically at Studio 2 every Friday, 1.30 PM – 2.30 PM. Pray for the facilitators (Rev. Alexa Ho, Priscilla Lim, Joshua Simon and Pr Yu Yong), assisted by Teacher Zhi Ling.

🙏 Pray for the students who signed up to be regular, committed to attend, attentive and ever ready to participate. We hope some of them will also make time to join our Impact Youth that meets on Saturday.

🤝 If you are available to serve in this time slot and have a heart to minister to youths, contact Rev. Alexa Ho (012-372 1264) and we hope to have you in our team to minister.