By Sarah Tan

On the last Saturday of May, the Young Adults Ministry held an outreach cum social impact soup kitchen event called Souper Heroes. It was my first time really being involved in a Young Adults event since joining PJEFC a year ago, and I wasn’t sure what to expect out of it. I didn’t know many people, had never planned a soup kitchen before, and wasn’t sure whether other young adults would be interested in events like these.

I was worried, but I really didn’t have any reason to be. The event went without a hitch and what struck me most was the people’s servant-heartedness. From planning the event as part of the core team to participating in it on the day itself, I witnessed everyone’s willingness and desire to serve regardless of the role, whether  menial, tedious tasks like planning and organising the event to the hot and labourious tasks like cooking, cleaning, and delivering. Everything was done without complaint and in a spirit of excellency. Everybody wanted to carry out their respective tasks and roles well.

So the event benefited both sides – the soup kitchen participants who were new to PJEFC and to the less privileged communities that we were sending food out to. We even got to pack and send out more food than initially estimated!

It was a joy to be part of the Souper Heroes, and I’m inspired by how God can work in both the givers and the recipients.

Get Involved

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🙏 Pray for young adults to continue loving others with servant-heartedness.