PCR: Single Moms Pampered, Connected, Refreshed

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, the Single Parent Support Group initiated “Relax and Rejuvenate: A Day of Pampering for Single Moms” on 13 May 2023. While single mothers were treated with a scrumptious meal and their choice of pampering activities (because they absolutely deserve it), a group of guardians took care of their children in church. Here are what three of the mothers and a support member said.

I had never been pampered as I was at the Single Mom’s Mother’s Day event in my whole life, even when I was a child. I was very touched and extremely emotional at that moment and even now as I’m typing this. I’ve always had to work hard to get what I need and want, even as a child. And I’ve never felt like I am actually a child myself to Someone (God) until that moment when Melinda drove me back to church. For the first time, I felt like I belonged to a Parent without having to work hard to earn that relationship.
-Gloria Teo

Funny that I got pampered on Mother’s Day! It’s funny because we usually never have time for ourselves. But this time someone put in time, effort and money to shower us with good food and massage! I am extremely grateful for this gift. Thank you, God! Thank you everyone!

A precious take-away for me from this event is the connection with other mothers who are in the same shoes. I am delighted and blessed to get connected with other single moms even after the event. During the lunch fellowship, I immediately was reminded by the Holy Spirit that this is it! I walked into the prayers I prayed last year. As time passed, I forgot about my prayers. But God didn’t forget 🥺❤️🥰 My prayers have been answered. Hallelujah! Our God is great! 

Having to battle with loneliness, lack of rest time and single-handedly raising a boy, I prayed and prayed to be able to get connected to the church community and people that can resonate with my situation and challenges. Being connected to these mothers truly is like rain to the drought. These mothers never give up despite their circumstances. Surrounded by these strong women, I’m encouraged and comforted. 
-Poay Ling

Mother’s Day Pampering…aahh, how heavenly! As many know, being a mother isn’t easy. Being a single mother is worse. Being a single mother to a special child…I shall leave that to your imagination! Many who were present that day were in this last category and all felt special to be pampered without the worry of caring for their kids, at least for a day. Personally for me, the sense of camaraderie was strong and with God’s presence, we could share our stories and experiences unreservedly, without the worry of being ostracised, judged or seen as an outcast. What a great way to feel accepted and loved by God! I am thankful that PJEFC has such an initiative.
-Pek Think (Support Member)

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