By Hsien Piao

During the MCO, when my 3 kids and I were stuck at home, we were encouraged to learn new skills. So, we took up inline skating with a passionate coach. This led to inline hockey as we discovered a fun and exciting team sport that took us out of our comfort zone. Every week, we practised at a park nearby. Neighbourhood kids saw us, got excited and joined in. Week after week, more and more kids joined. Dreaded storms would dash our plans to play at the park but that didn’t douse our enthusiasm for this newfound passion.

I thought to myself that sports are really a great way to reach out to our community. After speaking with Rev. Alexa and the supportive team in PJEFC, we started having inline skating sessions on Wednesday nights at the Sports Complex. Inline skating (or popularly known as rollerblading) has quickly become a trend in the last few years. There is nothing quite so satisfying as “flying” on wheels while improving our agility and flexibility. With the hockey element, it turns quickly into a fast-paced team sport. In the midst of stickhandling and learning attack and defence, one’s inline skating skill is ‘forced’ to increase exponentially!

All of us started the sport from ground zero during the Covid-19  pandemic. As we teach and learn together with people of all ages (ranging from 11 years to mid-60s), faiths and backgrounds, we’ve been able to build a wonderful community. God has worked miracles we didn’t expect – from meeting strangers that turn out to be from our neighbourhood to introducing people to PJEFC (one even started working for the church and perhaps he will share his story, heh heh 😊) and giving us the opportunity to minister to families in the community.

If you have a pair of rollerblades, come join our rolling community. You’ll get a good workout while having tremendous fun and connecting with others for Christ.

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