By Eugene Loh

CUG Camp happened over the 2nd weekend of December. About 40 campers consisting of college/university students, young adult facilitators, and high school leavers came together for a refreshing time of fellowship and sessions as we explored the different seasons they were going through in this period of their lives. Here are what two of the campers said. 

After a long 2022 filled with assignments and exams, many of us college students needed something to refresh us for the year ahead. CUG camp was perfect for that as its theme was “Refresh”. Set in the gorgeous campsite of Gopeng Riverfalls Retreat, the camp was true to its theme as the sessions and activities that were meaningful as well as interesting allowed us to relax, catch up with each other, and be refreshed. One of the few memorable experiences was having to ride the truck into the campsite.
– Alyssa Grace Tan

Hiiii!! I’m Wei Xin :p this was my first CUG camp and honestly, one of the best camps I’ve ever attended. The people there were the biggest highlight for me. Connecting with new & old friends in very personal ways is very special and this camp provided the perfect environment for that. Despite the kinda rainy, rocky first couple hours, everyone’s energy was up by that first night and continued to grow throughout the three days. It’s really hard to believe I got to experience and grow such close bonds in so little time. I guess it’s a testament to church camps, the facilitators there, and the great planning/sessions, and of course, God’s goodness. I really felt at home with the other campers and had the best time <3

Filled with vulnerable moments, getting to reflect on the past year as a group while being surrounded by friends was so comforting. The sessions brought me back to the reality of God’s goodness and hope. It means so much to be part of His community that was formed during camp. Thank you God!!!
– Tee Wei Xin

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🙏 Pray for the 40 campers that God will continue to bring them back to the reality of His goodness and hope, and refresh them for the year ahead.

🙏 Pray for the workers in student ministries beyond PJEFC, such as Scripture Union, Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Campus Crusade for Christ, and Graduates Christian Fellowship.

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