Women from Pakistan are Chief Ministers in their homes, handling the 4 Cs: cooking, cleaning, clothes, and children. Juggling between home and family affairs leaves them no spare time for prayer. That’s what most of the women in our Urdu-speaking congregation thought. Furthermore, they regarded themselves as worthless.

Pr. Ireen (wife of Pr. Akram John) thought otherwise. She organised a Women’s Evangelistic Meeting on May 21, 2022 to show them that God loves, respects and cares for them. Eighty women attended and here are some responses from them:

The program was very good. I was very blessed by the testimonies shared. Everything went very well. I will pray more for the Women’s Ministry work. May God give you more blessings. Amen. –Pastor Sana (Speaker)

I am thankful to God that He gave me the opportunity to have fellowship with faithful people in Kepong. As a new member of the Women’s Ministry, I was very blessed to attend this Women’s Evangelistic Meeting. I am committed to be part of this ministry. Thanks! –Sofia

This was my first women’s program in Kepong, Malaysia. I would like to thank everyone who organised this program that taught women self-confidence and the skills to advance in Christianity. Pastor Ireen honoured all the guests. I want to thank Pastor Sana for sharing the beautiful sermon. I am very happy that I get to know new things from this sermon. May God bless you more, Pastor Ireen, and may you and your team serve more in Jesus Christ! Thank you. –Anonymous

God is using Pastor Ireen for His glory. I was very much blessed by her prayers. Because of her, I shared my testimony to the group as well. No doubt, Pastor Ireen is blessed with many gifts of the Holy Spirit. My experience with ‘Authority over Spirits/Demonic powers’ tops that list. May God bless Pastor Ireen and her ministry abundantly. Amen. –Irslan

The Women’s Ministry program was so good. I really liked it. I received a lot of blessings. Sister (Pr. Ireen), you are the one God has chosen to spread His blessings through this program. It was so nice and you are also very nice and kind. Thanks for inviting me to the program. God bless you and your family. All women testified that their lives have been changed because you have helped them a lot during their difficult times, and now they believe God more. –Anonymous

We are blessed by your warm hospitality and encouraged by the Pastor’s message, testimony and the ministry of Eternal Hope Gospel Church. May the Lord bring many to His Kingdom and raise many more disciples and leaders for His church. –Anonymous

The program was very good. We were blessed by the sharing from Pastor Sana  and the testimonies from church members. God bless you and your church. –Shahida

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🙏 Pray that God will continue to affirm these 80 women of their worth in Him.

🙏 Pray for Pr. Ireen as she continues to win souls for Jesus.

🤝 Ladies, befriend a woman from the Urdu-speaking congregation by attending their services.