By Pr Tan Yu Yong

Some 10 years ago, my then-girlfriend and now wife Lydia and I felt we needed to be equipped for our future if we were to get married. After doing some research, she found a course called the marriage preparation course, a 5-week course run by DUMC using mainly the materials from the Alpha pre-marital course. We attended and found the materials and counsellors helped us understand each other better. It  was a pivotal moment in our relationship.

Fast forward to 2024, PJEFC now uses the same course from ALPHA to equip aspiring married couples to be ready for the next step. When Rev. Alexa approached Lydia and me to facilitate the course, we accepted so that we can bless newer and younger couples who are considering marriage. As facilitators, our job was to put the couples at ease, with the help of soft lighting, gentle emcee-ing and delicious food. Everything was done to create the mood and space for the couples to talk about the key points of their relationship in an open manner.

The facilitators had lots of fun planning icebreakers, activities and sourcing food for our guests. While the video and content did most of the heavy lifting in helping couples learn more about each other, the facilitators too were called upon at times to facilitate discussions and share from their own experiences.

Watching the videos too was also beneficial for us. Although we had watched the same videos 10 years ago, re-watching them allowed Lydia and me to reflect on how much has changed in our relationship, as well as revealed newer growth points for us. It also reminded us not to be complacent about our marriage but to keep working  on it. 

As we set out to bless others, we too were blessed by the fellowship, the content, and just seeing the joy and commitment of the couples that joined. How true it is, that it’s better to give than receive. Overall, marriage is probably the most important decision of a person’s life, and it was an honour, pleasure and joy for me and all the other facilitators to be part of this, even if it is just for 5 Saturdays.

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