By Jadon Chan, Form 4, Camp Committee

About 2 months ago, I was approached by Sam Kong to join the Impact Camp committee as the person in charge of worship and AV. It was definitely not easy preparing for the camp as it was my first time putting together a worship team.

There were endless meetings but I am very grateful that I said yes to this opportunity to serve and am very thankful for the team I got to work closely with. Thank you Li Anne, Marcus and Erwin for guiding me and also Adrisa for putting up with me. I also feel very encouraged because I felt the kindness and care from not only my fellow camp committee members but also the facilitators who helped me prepare for the camp, technically and spiritually.

Impact Camp was like an extended version of the normal Impact meetings; we had icebreakers, worship sessions and then Ps Joshua Tong shared God’s Word. Throughout the day, we had free time to connect and bond with old friends as well as make new friends and enjoy the games (thank you Leon!). We had 6 sessions in total but the most memorable one for me was the silent retreat where Ps Joshua led us into a time of silence for as long as 40 minutes to seek the Lord anywhere on the campsite.

A verse that came to my mind was Psalm 23, specifically verse 3. It says God guides me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake, meaning the Holy Spirit will guide us to be more like God so that we can bear fruit for Him. This “coincided” with the theme of the camp and also the ministry night. 

I really felt God’s presence during the ministry night. The worship team sang super-hype songs that were also really reflective and that was the time that the facilitators prayed for the youths and other youths prayed for each other. It was so encouraging to see this. I felt that the place was really filled with the Holy Spirit. Without me saying a word, most people prayed for me that I would be able to grow closer to the Lord and use my skills to serve Him more, and be able to reach out to more people to grow His kingdom.

So, see, this is why you should come for camp next year and the years to come. You’ll get an experience that is so fulfilling and refreshing. God will work in you and speak to you, and you’ll feel His love and joy. So I highly encourage all of you who are 13-17 years old to join Impact Camp as well as our regular Impact sessions every Saturday from 4-7pm. Come and be part of this community that seeks to love Christ and grow together!

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