By Cindy Lor from Taman Sea 2 CG

What does December remind you of?

YES, Taman Sea2 CG Christmas Gathering. Johnny was a bit disappointed when no-one came up with this answer that he was looking for even though he had distributed quite a number of prizes to other legit answers such as 12.12 sale, Johnny’s birthday, Christmas, etc.

Yes, Taman Sea2 CG Christmas Gathering is our grand celebration of God’s faithfulness and goodness in our lives, individually and as a CG. It is also an opportunity for our CG to make Jesus known to our friends.

God is good and faithful and because He is faithful, we can live faith-filled lives. So how does it look like to live faithfully for Christ in 2023?

Jayden Ooi tells us living faithfully for Christ begins with knowing who Jesus is!

This is Jayden Ooi’s testimony:

Jesus is the embodiment of divine love and mercy. He is the Son of God who willingly took on human form to bridge the gap between humanity and God. Jesus, to me, is the source of hope and redemption, offering forgiveness for sins and the promise of eternal life. His teachings guide my moral compass, urging me to love my neighbour, show compassion, and seek justice.

Jesus’ guidance ensures we walk the right path, sheltered from the snares of the devil. In every facet of existence, Jesus stands as the beacon of hope, the shepherd, teacher, and leader who turns the impossible into the possible, leading us on the path of divine grace and everlasting love.

Jayden Ooi knows who Jesus is and he was baptised during Easter 2023, together with his mother, Pauline Tun. Both mother and son had decided to follow Jesus, the “Shepherd of my soul” (Pauline’s favourite song), from now on and to eternity.

Tammy believes that trusting Jesus with every decision is to live faithfully for Christ. 

Here is her testimony:

I started working at this missional kindergarten after retirement. I have been working there for 15 years now. And the kindergarten contributed to my EPF account from day 1. As a former civil servant, I did not have an EPF account so when the kindergarten offered to contribute to the EPF for me, I opened the account after my retirement. But as I reached 75 years old, EPF wrote to me and told me that I had reached the maximum age for contribution. What they meant was that they had to stop my contribution and I had to withdraw all my money.

I had a knee problem that required surgery. I had been getting my consultation at UH for years now (a benefit as a civil servant). I was given a date to do my surgery, a date that is far away in 2025. When my daughter asked me, “Can tahan until 2025 meh?”, my answer was, “Tak boleh tahan.” But what about the cost? What might God say? After praying and receiving the peace that transcended all understanding, I trusted God’s decision for me. I took my daughter’s advice to go to Tung Shin hospital. After consultation, I was given an immediate date – November 24 – and was told the fee was  RM30,000.

God’s provision came even before I knew I needed it. When I went to EPF to close my account, I was so overwhelmed by God’s goodness. The amount I had was over RM29,000, enough for my knee surgery. What a faithful God who provided!

I went for the surgery three weeks ago and here I am testifying to God’s goodness in my life. To God be the glory.

Git Siong, Tammy’s husband, presented the song “Goodness of God” as their worship to God’s goodness and faithfulness in their lives.

PJEFC’s 2023 theme was “Living Faithfully for Christ”. Jayden Ooi’s story of living faithfully for Christ began with knowing who Jesus is and following Him wholeheartedly. Tammy believes that to live faithfully for Christ is to trust Him in every decision. There are many other stories from each CG member that display a faithful God who empowers His children to live faithfully for Christ. To God be the glory.

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