By Pastor Jeremy Lim

The Chinese Church had its humble beginning in 1983 as a result of personal disciple-making by a few Chinese-speaking members. During those years, new converts comprised more than half the congregation of about 60 people. The church was then deeply rooted in the culture of disciple-making.

As time passed, the church began to lose its focus on discipleship. Elder Nget Hong and the leadership of the Chinese Church decided to revitalise the Chinese Church by going back to its roots, in line with the English church’s initiative to cultivate a culture of discipleship.

Since 2020, we have been emphasising and implementing the following:

  • Mission: To follow Christ passionately and make fully devoted followers of Christ (热忱跟随基督,培育全然委身跟随基督的门徒)
  • Vision: Fulfil the Mission of His church by Sharing the Gospel of His Kingdom, Discipleship, Ministry of the Holy Spirit and Mission (神国福音,培育门徒, 圣灵服事,普世宣教)

Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is one of the key processes used by the Chinese Church to move people through the stages of spiritual growth. In a nutshell, DBS is a Bible reading method that encourages people to explore the Bible for themselves before being challenged to immediately live out what they’ve learned and share what they’ve learned with others. Each DBS small group consists of 4–8 people who support and hold one another accountable. There are currently 11 DBS groups, with more than half of the church participating. As a result of DBS, we have seen a steady growth of the people and new salvations.

As a new pastor in the Chinese Church, I am encouraged to see how church members are growing in their knowledge and intimacy with God, as well as their faithfulness in living out God’s Word in loving and serving others.

Get Involved

🤝 If you would like to be a part of this exciting movement of disciple-making in the Chinese Church, we invite you to join us. Details here.

📖 If you know someone who is Chinese-speaking and seeking to explore the Bible, invite them to join Discovery Bible Study. For more info, contact Pr Jeremy Lim at 012-953 1893.

🙏 Pray for each participant to encounter God through the exploration of His Word.