By Jon and Mich

Stepping into marriage can be exciting, but it’s also important to lay a strong foundation for your future together. Recently, we participated in the Alpha Pre-Marriage Course (PMC) here at PJEFC, and it was an enriching experience that we highly recommend to couples. 

The uncertainty of not having participated in a course together as a couple felt really daunting at first, but knowing many friends that have been through PMC was reassuring. True enough, the welcoming atmosphere quickly put us at ease! Every detail had been thought through – from the personalised name tags to the delicious food. The facilitators were friendly and approachable, creating a safe space for open conversations.

The course wasn’t just informative; it was also engaging. Each week brought a new topic, sparked by thought-provoking videos and conversation prompts. These tools helped us to reflect and openly share our views with our partner as we delved into crucial aspects of a healthy marriage like communication, finances, family dynamics, and intimacy. We also learned the power of teamwork and how to support each other through challenges.

The cosy and informal ambience with snacks also helped us relax during our discussions, which often continued over meals after the PMC sessions.

By the end of each session, we were genuinely excited for the next one. It became a highlight of our week, a dedicated time to invest in our future together.

Looking back, we’re grateful for the open communication and valuable tools that PMC provided. We highly recommend it to any couple embarking on their journey towards marriage. It had helped us strengthen our bond and prepare for a life filled with love and partnership.

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