By Hui Jun

During DMM this year, we had a workshop conducted by our very own church staff, Chanice, about her journey to eco-friendliness. At a young age, she was influenced by her mother, the eco warrior. When the season came, her mother, who loves durian, would buy durian in a cooking pot, and it would be the only dish with rice on the dining table.

At the office, Chanice attempts to encourage her colleagues to be more eco-friendly. She prepared a container for us to place rough paper to be reused, placed recycle bins at the pantry, and positioned a box beside the paper cutting machine for the paper remnants. Her efforts came with challenges – constant reminders and education on recyclable and non-recyclable items. Over the years, she has seen improvements in her colleagues’ recycling habits. Great job, PJEFC pastors and staff!

What about PJEFC? How can PJEFC become more eco-friendly? Debbie, a church member, shared that tiny steps were taken to cultivate eco-friendliness over the years. During kopitiam, the plastic-packaged biscuits were exchanged for tin-packaged biscuits which are refillable. At a carnival in 2019, a “washing team” was formed to wash the dirty plates and utensils. After all, big changes start with small steps.

When asked how PJEFC can become more eco-friendly, these were some of the proposals given by the participants:

  • Use soap nuts for washing during kopitiam,
  • Digitalise visitor’s welcome card, and
  • Bring your own cup to meet-ups.

As a result of the workshop, the Refiller Mobile Van (RMV) came our way on 10 December. 

What is Refiller Mobile? It is a mobile refiller business that offers eco-friendly household cleaning agents, dry nuts, dry fruits, sunscreen and other alternative products. Their aim is to reduce single-use plastic, be kind to our environment and preserve a healthy planet for the benefit of its flora and fauna and our next generation.

It was the first time that PJEFC invited RMV. While there were a few who were familiar with the buying process, most were curious with how it worked. Refilling is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. RINSE and DRY your bottles, and label them for a refill
  2. REUSE the bottles you already have at home and bring them to PJEFC
  3. REFILL with RMV

Hence, when you see or hear the announcement that RMV is coming to PJEFC next year, join us on this journey of Creation Care.

Get Involved

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🗓️ Stay tuned for RMV’s next visit to PJEFC.