By Blessing Tai, 7 year-old
(written by mommy)

One day I was itchy everywhere
From head to toes
Not a part on me felt calm
I was 2
I was lethargic from the scratch
From the pain
From the sleepless nights
I dozed off from the exhaustion
One day we were hopeful
One day we were agitated
One day we were frustrated
One day we were everything but kind
Everyday was thunderstorm
Everyday we prayed fervently
I looked raw and wet on most parts
I was dried and coarse on most parts
Fingers and toes
I could only see them during bath time
Time I feared most 
Time I felt countless needles on me
Cold water scorched every pore
Bone-deep itch crept in
Bandages, antiseptic, ointment, moisturiser
Gone were my little fingers and toes again.
One day I asked, 
“Mommy, how does Vitagen taste like?” 
One day I said, 
“Mommy, I miss the taste of rice.”
One day I prayed,
“Dear God, I’m so sad. I’m so itchy. It’s so painful. Please heal me. 
Please don’t let the germs eat me anymore. 
When, God? When?” 

One day… 
One day…

One day I was not so itchy anymore.
I was feeling better by the day. 
I am 7.
One bedtime, I will see my fingers and toes again.
One day, I will be forever calm
Head to toes. 
Thank you so much God.

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