By Kopi Social

The call to care for creation in the 2021’s DMM series and the impact of the Soup Kitchen project at the height of the pandemic have left an indelible mark on me. Firstly, the pandemic has increased the usage of plastic disposables, which makes creation care more challenging. Secondly, it was wonderful to see people coming to PJEFC on their own accord when there’s a common interest – in this case, the provision of nutritious food to the needy. 

This led to a few us coffee lovers coming together to start Kopi Social, a PJEFC coffee club. It is a social initiative to provide another channel of engaging the community via a common interest – coffee, of course! The aim is to engage home coffee brewers in the community and promote sustainable coffee consumption by reducing waste.

The first step is elimination of the coffee bean packaging, hence BYOC – Bring Your Own Container to buy coffee beans. We use The Well every Sunday, between 10.30am and 12.30pm, as a community touchpoint to sell coffee beans to the coffee community in Petaling Jaya. Fresh coffee beans are available at highly competitive prices without the usual plastic packaging and in small quantities. By using your own containers, it alleviates the environmental problem. Also, the regular purchase of coffee beans in small quantities allows for the experience of enjoying coffee at its peak flavour (often 1-3 weeks after the roast date) at an affordable price. 

We see this as a long-term ministry as we hope to engage the coffee community on a regular basis through selling coffee beans and coffee containers (which we sell at way-below-retail prices), and in future, to extend this engagement through coffee-related talks and training.

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🙏 Pray with us that we can use this platform to “each one reach one” by engaging our coffee community and moving them one step to the right.

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🤝 Join us as a barista – training will be provided.