By Samuyal Tamang

The camp “Seek ye the first kingdom of God” was jointly organised by Migrant Ministry Partnership (MMP) and Chhahari (the Nepali ministry under LCM). The COVID situation and the uncertainty of getting leave made it challenging for us to nail the dates for the camp but praise God we finally settled on the camp date (May 3-5, 2022). In total, 21 people, including 5 pre-believers, from three fellowship groups signed up. 

Wow! We were going to experience the beach, taste the sea water and swim in the sea! There was great excitement as it was the first time many campers were going to experience the sea. 

On May 3 afternoon, we headed for Port Dickson and arrived at 4pm. Pastor Sujan Khadka took the sessions on “My identity and purpose today and the Christ-centered life”. Pastor Aron Yong led us to know about God’s destiny and His intention in our life. Every session challenged the campers to find their calling and purpose of life, and taught them that their true identity came from the mighty God alone. At the end of the camp, Bishal accepted the Lord as his Saviour. 

Mrs Shirley Tan held discussions with the campers on major life issues such as abortion, mercy killing, organ harvesting and invitro fertilization. This helped the pre-believers in the camp realise that Christians do not just talk about spiritual stuff but are fully engaged in controversial issues.    

From the sharing at the reflection session, we learned that the camper had been blessed by the teaching and sharing. They were overwhelmed by the kind treatment of the hotel staff who treated them as equals, the sumptuous food and the wonderful fellowship. Thank you sister Evan for organising the camp and mentoring us.

Let’s continue to pray for those pre-believers as we follow up on them. Pray that the campers are reminded of God’s destiny and calling. We are guiding them to be effective disciples and to obey God, regardless of their education level. 

Thank you church for your prayers and an uncle for your generosity.

Get Involved

🙏 Thank God for the speakers, Pastor Sujan, Pastor Aron and Mrs Shirley, and pray that they will continue to speak truth and life to the hearts of those they minister to.

🙏 Pray for the 21 campers that God will guide them to be effective disciples in His own timing.

🤝 Visit the Nepalese Service and encourage them with your presence.