By Irene Yeoh

During Disciple Making Month in 2021, a period of introspection and spiritual growth spurred me to translate my faith into action, leading me to commit to attending Prayer Meetings every Tuesday and Friday. Initially, I found myself hesitant to engage in group prayer, often exiting the Zoom meeting before the breakout sessions where participants would pray in smaller groups.

However, the Lenten season of 40 days of Fast & Pray in 2022 brought a significant shift. I felt a strong conviction from the Holy Spirit to be courageous and stay for the entire meeting, including the breakout sessions for joint prayer. This leap of faith transformed my experience with Prayer Meetings, making them far more meaningful. The support, encouragement and shared experiences with my prayer partners have been profoundly enriching.

Pastor James shared a powerful message that resonated with me: “One way to grow deeper still in Christ is our earnest desire to pray, and fellowship in devotion. Prayer requires intentionality, discipline and faithfulness.” This wisdom has been a guiding light for me.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Pastor James and all the Prayer Leaders for their dedication in curating worship songs, scriptural reflections and prayer topics. It is my fervent hope that more individuals will be inspired by the Holy Spirit to participate in the Prayer Meetings, enriching their prayer life and spiritual journey.

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