By Leon

For the longest time, Merdeka and Malaysia day were just public holidays to chill and relax. This has changed in the last 5 years. If you know our Rev. Alexa, she is very passionate about nation building, and she encouraged (played her friendship card) people to be trained and serve as PACA (polling agent, counting agent) during the GE14 election. Quite a number of us from PJEFC took up the challenge and served together in Bentong.

Fast forward to 2023, after serving as a PACA in GE15, Rev. Alexa and I decided to be trained as PETUGAS and I was called at the last minute to serve as a kerani as a replacement in the recent state election. 

Why am I sharing about my involvement in the elections as a volunteer?

For many years, people have been disgruntled, upset and generally have a negative perception of the government and politicians. And as some social media influencers have posted, “I have done my duty and voted and now renew my rights to complain.” If we just complain and complain about issues and not be a part of the solution, then what kind of citizens are we? Worse, what kind of Christians are we? Either be part of the solution, or stop complaining. Both are equally difficult. I find myself complaining a lot – about the country, about other people, about drivers who cut into my path or think they own the roads… the list goes on and on.

To hammer this point home, 2-3 weeks back, Pastor Melissa shared during the church staff devotion about being a servant leader (the series that the staff was going through), that Jesus picked up the towel to wash and wipe the disciples’ feet. He didn’t need to do this as He is the son of God, but He chose to. Do I, as a Christ follower, exemplify servant leadership? Do I only serve when others are watching and are around? Do I put myself above others or above menial duties that I feel are below me?

Even as we celebrate Merdeka this year, may we take time to reflect and be challenged on what it means to be a servant leader and a Christ follower, to make the difference and be the solution rather than the problem. May we all strive to be more aware of our surroundings, and help out where we can, no matter how small or low that task is.

Happy Malaysia Day!

P/S : I hope that you exercised your rights as a citizen and voted. If you are challenged and interested in doing a bit more as a PACA or a PETUGAS, you can check out Tindak Malaysia (not promoting the organisation, but we have been trained by them).