By Tan Hwee Thian & Esther Soh

Joining the Lent morning prayer meeting has been a blessing for us. It set the tone for us to start the day and week seeking God, reflecting on His blessings and goodness, and petitioning Him with prayer needs and requests for ourselves, family and friends, church, country and others. As a result, we have become more disciplined in seeking God first thing in the morning before the busyness of the day kicks in.

The Lent devotional sessions from 2 March to 16 April truly helped us to remember the sufferings of Jesus and how much it had cost Him to bring us salvation. The magnitude and depth of God’s love and mercy reminded us to take our faith seriously.

We did not know many of the participants well but we felt at ease to share and pray with them. Through this meeting, even via Zoom, we get to connect with brothers and sisters, some of whom we know just by sight all these years in church with no conversations beyond the usual pleasantries of “How are you? ” or ” Hi “or “Hello “. Now, we know them better, and have even developed friendships. 

How true Matthew 18:20 is. “For where two or three are gathered together in Jesus’ Name, He is there in the midst of them.” The presence of the Holy Spirit in the prayer meeting was so real in ministering through the worship and sharing. We were encouraged to hear the sharing of God’s goodness in answered prayers, guidance and healing. We felt uplifted each time. There was joy and thankfulness in our hearts as we participated in these prayer meetings. All glory to the Lord.

Get Involved

🌱 Grow in your spiritual life by joining corporate prayer on Sunday, Tuesday or Friday mornings.

🤝 If you’re a fellow attendee at prayer meetings, reach out to one other person and encourage him/her to join you.