By Joyce Hooi

‘Lunch in the Dark’* didn’t really excite me but I signed up anyway. People say that we eat with our eyes first but it was a different experience with ‘Lunch in the Dark’. I didn’t know what to expect but kept an open mind. We were told to follow the instructions of Marcos, the leader, as we were led blindfolded to the place where our lunch would be served. Without sight, I realised that I needed to listen more carefully and pay attention to the instructions. It was literally groping in the dark to feel the unknown surroundings. Where are the chair, cutlery, plate, cup… ? 

As I couldn’t see what I was eating, I had to go slow to touch and spoon the food into my mouth. I began to taste and feel the texture of the food and figure out what I was eating. At that moment, I realised I had taken sight for granted.

When I was being blindfolded, I felt that I was being transported to an unknown dark place, not knowing what would happen next but certainly feeling fear and anxiety. All I remember was being told to listen and follow the leader’s instructions. I had to trust him completely since he was the leader and he knew best. 

On reflection, one spiritual lesson comes to mind. In life, sometimes we face the unknown and dark times. We may be thrown into a dark dungeon but fear not for God is our good Shepherd and He will guide us. God knows what is best for us. Follow His instructions and trust Him for the things that we cannot see with our physical eyes.

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🍴 Try finishing a meal with a blindfold. Preferably at a place where mess on the table is allowed.

🙏 Thank God for your eyesight that enables you to read this article and many more.

🧑‍🦯 Do you know a blind person? Reach out and hear his/her experience of living their day-today life in the “dark”. Or consider serving them.