By Tan Chee Yen

The New Believer’s Class comprises 4 weekly classes. Having attended the class, my insight is that it gives new believers, especially the new Alpha graduates, a helicopter view of what comes next and what is expected after becoming a Christian. The class also provides opportunities for new believers to ask questions and to clear any doubts that they may have during the Q&A time.

Among some of the areas highlighted are: –

  1. God’s grace
  2. Scriptures: A lifetime of learning
  3. Daily devotion, prayer and community living e.g. being part of a Cell Group (CG)
  4. The church, community, care

These classes assist new believers to learn more about their new-found spiritual journey and to continue growing as a Christian.

Here are some things that stood out for me from the New Believers’ class:-

  1. Accepting Christ as our Lord and Saviour is just the first step in the journey as a Christian and does not end there. We are all work-in-progress to becoming Christlike.
  2. Being in the class with the new believers gives a sense of comfort as we are starting from the same footing; it is also an opportunity to learn and grow together with the proper guidance, e.g. being part of a CG to study and discuss Scripture.

Overall, new believers are highly recommended to join these classes to help them grow in their faith. Looking forward to meeting many of you at the next class!

Get Involved

🙏 Pray for the new believers that they will mature spiritually.

🤓 If you are an Alpha graduate, consider joining the class. For more details, contact Pastor Yu Yong (012-377 8756).