Impact Youth is proud to present our new committee for 2024! Fondly referred to as “Impact commies”, this group of enthusiastic teenagers get together to create a safe environment for their peers to learn about God and experience Him in community. 

This year, all the commies are first-timers, with no prior experience, but they each have a big heart for God and for Impact, and are willing to put their hands to the plough and persevere in service. Through Kem Tahanan, the committee training camp in Dec. 2023, we discipled them in the “why” of service, delved into the different roles and expectations of a commie, engaged in team building and problem-solving skills, and learned some basic organisation skills. Training is an ongoing process, as the facilitators will closely guide and coach them as they serve. We’re happy to be able to work with them and watch them grow! Here’s a little bit about the team:

Tham Yi Lyn – President

I’m Yi Lyn and I’m the president of this year’s Impact committee. My job involves making sure that everything is running smoothly and that everyone is working together to make Impact impactful (hehe… get it?). I chose to serve God in this committee to grow deeper in my relationship with Him. My hope is that the other commies and I will be able to grow closer to God and each other through serving in Impact 2024. I enjoy reading as well as playing board games with my friends and family.

Jayden Khoo – Special Ops 

Hello there! I’m Jayden and am the Special Ops Commie for 2024! As a special ops commie, I plan icebreakers, games and think of special events too! I decided to be in the committee so I can grow alongside my friends and serve together! I hope to draw more people to Impact and lead more people to Jesus. In my free time, I play games, play hockey and go rollerblading.

Samuel Chan – Special Ops 

Hi! I’m Samuel Chan and I work with Jayden to plan icebreakers and special events! I chose to be in the committee so I can serve God and make new friends! I hope that we can make more disciples of God. My hobby is playing basketball as I’ve been playing the sport since I was a kid.

Taniya Asha – Publicity 

Hey there,  I’m Taniya and I’m the publicity commie for 2024! My gig involves jazzing up our socials, throwing out promos, and spreading the good vibes. Why did I join the committee? Well, I’m all about stepping out of my comfort zone and diving into meaningful connections. In 2024, I want to mingle more with the Impacters and facis (facilitators) and live a life full of God’s love and blessings. During my spare time, I love to play basketball, play video games, or just chill with whatever’s fun.

Adrisa – Hospitality 

Hi I’m Adrisa and I’m turning 16 this year. I’m the hospitality commie who welcomes newcomers, celebrates monthly birthdays and takes attendance. I agreed to serve as I want to give back to God who’s blessed me beyond words. I hope Impact can draw us closer to God. I love crocheting and reading! 🧶

Aerin – Worship

Hi everyone !! My name’s Aerin and I’m a Worship Commie for 2024! I help plan the worship teams for each week and encourage more youths to serve God in the worship teams. I wanted to be part of Impact’s commie team so that I can build stronger friendships and my personal relationship with God. I hope I can serve God and bring more people to Impact so they can learn about Him and get closer to Him too. Some of my hobbies include singing, gymnastics and playing any sort of games 🙂

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🤝 Have a heart for the young ones? Consider serving them. Contact Pastor Priscilla if you’re keen.