Impact Youth is full of amazing young people! Their sense of excellence, excitement for God and love for community is always inspiring. Let’s get to know the youths who will be serving in 2022.

Hey, my name is Ejuirn and I am the publicity commie ^_^ 

I’m excited about helping out n serving in the commie. I’m also excited to try out this new experience. Fun fact about myself is that I hate ice cream… :,)

Hola ~ I’m Julia and I’m this year’s Vice President. This year, I am super excited about physical Impact!! We haven’t met physically for about a year and a half due to Covid and I really hope we can have at least some on-site sessions this year. Something most people might not know is that I sing really well and I aspire to be Olivia Rodrigo <3

Hellooo everyonee ~ my name is Chloe and I’m this year’s hospitality commie!! I am really excited about helping out in Impact and working together as a team to serve Impact and God <3. I’m also really excited about physical Impact. Fun fact about me is that I am a big fan of txt (kpop group) <33 and I love kdramas <33  반가워요👋 !!

Hello church, my name is Micah and I’m one of Impact’s new committee members. I am part of the special ops group, which means I will be planning icebreakers and games. I am excited about Impact meeting physically instead of on Zoom. A fun fact about me is that I love fishing.

Hello, I am Kew Ee-Jien. I’m one of the special ops peeps. I’m really excited to be a commie for 2022 and looking forward to people enjoying Impact with the games I’ll be planning with Micah. A fun fact about me is I can move my ears without touching them.

Annyeonggg people of PJEFC!! I’m Kristie and I have a thing for turtles and frogs  🐸࿐ ࿔*:·゚(not the actual frog though but maybe virtual frogs yes). I will be your super cool pReSiDeNt ofIMPACTT 2022!! (#coolesttothemax) I hope to have fun this year as well as serve the church! Hope to see everyone ✨physically✨ sOOooOOn!! よろしくおねがいします!

Hi! My name is Maya and this year, I’ll be the worship coordinator:D I feel really excited about leading worship this year! Fun Fact – I have a YouTube channel that is doing quite well at the moment 🙂 I can’t wait for physical Impact to start. Can’t wait to see my friends again 😊

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🤝 Are you interested in serving the young people? Impact needs young adults who are willing to invest in young lives and journey with them. Contact Priscilla at 017-352 8909 if you’re keen.

🙏 Pray for unity and teamwork among these 7 young lives.