After a long hiatus from physical camps, Impact Youth of PJEFC finally made it to the mountains of Cameron Highlands for a 4-day 3-night camp! Despite getting stuck in traffic for 9 long hours and having to take RTK tests every other day, we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with one another and encountering God in this cosy community. All glory and praise to God for His protection and care over the campers, and for the star team of facilitators and committee members that made the camp possible. Let’s hear from some of the campers:


Impact Camp 22. One of the best camps I’ve attended. There were many elements that made it a fantastic camp but the main thing that stood out to me was the people. I have no clue how they did it, but the campers made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. There weren’t many awkward phases that the strangers among us encountered when meeting new friends. Everyone kind of magically clicked, from the first to the last day.

Secondly, I rather liked the Bible sessions, which were motivating and encouraging. I especially liked the interactions among the campers at every session. That was probably what kept me thoroughly awake and engaged.


Hi I’m Debbie, and I’m 16 years old. This was my first Impact Camp. I made a lot of friends and they were all so kind and caring. The food was awesome 😂😂. All the games were so interesting and new to me. I love my dorm mates and my dorm facilitator too; they were so energetic and talented 😂😹.One of my obsession is basketball. The boys were so good at basketball and I could watch them all day long. I also love how the facilitators were proactive to ensure the camp went smoothly. And yes! The worship team was so good and all the songs really touched my heart. My favourite session was the Ministry night. It was so meaningful, with many shedding tears and sharing their sorrows.Thank you to Hannah who prayed for me. The camp was really meaningful. I learned a lot of new things. 


Impact Camp 2022 exceeded my expectations. I met new friends and was able to bond with them. It was tiring to plan the camp but it was all worth it as I had wonderful facilitators to help me and responsible committee members. The biggest takeaway from the camp is the session by Rev. Alexa who spoke on “Bold in Love”. I feel like everyone might have excluded someone in our lives without knowing it. This session reminded me to accept other people, even if they are different. We should always love everyone like how God loves us. I can’t wait for the next camp; I hope it comes faster!


This was the first physical Impact Camp after 2 years of lockdown and honestly I didn’t really have much expectation but was still excited, nevertheless. The bus ride to Chefoo took so long but I’m glad I had some really cool busmates to hang out with. They really made the 9-hour ride feel shorter. 

Arriving at Chefoo, we were introduced to our group members and I was really comfortable because everyone had something to bring to the table. Everyone was really responsive and loud. I didn’t expect it to be that overwhelming. It was definitely a whole new experience being in a group but I wouldn’t trade them for any other group. They truly are a really special bunch of people.

Ministry night was a big highlight of the camp. I remember telling myself that I wouldn’t cry but seeing the people around me being touched by the Lord’s presence, including my brother, I couldn’t help but cry too. I’m so proud of all of them and I hope they continue their journey with God as well as grow in their faith in Him.

This year’s camp felt like such a refresher after the pandemic and I’m glad to have experienced this memorable camp as it’s my last one as a youth. This camp definitely exceeded my expectations and for that I wanna thank all the committee members of the camp and thank God for making Impact Camp possible this year.

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🙏 Pray for the 50 campers and 21 facilitators who attended that they will be bold for the Lord.

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