By Audrey Ting

I have a dream… everyone who walks into PJEFC will experience the tangible presence of God. They will enter an atmosphere of love, joy, and peace and wonder what hit them! I dream that God will meet them where they are and fulfil the secret longings of their hearts. They will find that Jesus is the answer to their health issues, mental struggles, financial challenges, work problems, broken relationships, and their search for their destiny, eternal and earthly (Isa. 61:1-3). For this dream, we set up a prayer corner for the Merdeka medical camp for migrant workers.

Four courageous newbies volunteered to offer prayers to every visitor that walked in. Our goal was to love them. Engage in simple conversation in BM or English. Lay hands on them and pray, “Holy Spirit, come.” Practise listening to God. We bravely asked for their pain level and prayed persistently to see it go down. We took risks in saying what we felt Holy Spirit was saying — Have you experienced a trauma in your life? Are you under immense stress? What is going on with your relationship with your mother? We commanded ears to be opened, migraines to leave, and painful backs to be healed. We rebuked fear. We asked God to fill broken hearts with his love.

A few wept under God’s power. Some felt an unusual heat, and others experienced a lightness in their spirit.

A week later, I bumped into a Nepali guard and asked about his migraine and fear. He exclaimed, “They are gone! I can’t find him (fear) even if I wanted to!” Unknown to me, he wrestled with anxiety attacks nightly for a year. He would toss and turn and feel his throat closing up. He is now set free with a big smile that proves it!

This is the beginning of my dream…

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