Designing the slides for the Tech For Seniors session on e-wallets was a lot more fun than I expected. But firstly, a big shout-out to Eugene and Jem for preparing the content and pictures; all I had to do was beautify the slides! This was a great experience for me because I never knew that e-wallets have so many features. I only used the few main options for GrabPay/TnG and rarely looked at the features. So, overall the session was productive and helpful not just for the seniors but for me as well!

I’ve helped out at the previous Tech For Seniors sessions and it’s always encouraging to see the aunties and uncles diligently learning technology. I really hope everyone that attended the session found it beneficial! Thank you to all the seniors who came, and all the volunteers for giving their time. Special shout-out to Uncle Dennis and Rev. Alexa!

~ Faith, E-Wallet Slides Designer

“It was a real honour and privilege to be able to spend the time, effort and patience to sit alongside our fellow uncles and aunties to help them learn how to use e-wallets. I am truly encouraged by their eagerness to learn and to advance themselves!” 
~ Jem Tang, Facilitator

“It is a delight to be able to guide and also learn from our JOY ministry, and to overcome technical gaps together inter-generationally. It has definitely made me realise that there is never an expiry date to learning.” 
~ Marcus Ding, Facilitator

“How come you still don’t understand even though I have repeated multiple times?” This could be a common response from the young adult children to their aged parents when it comes to teaching them how to use digital age technologies, such as the e-wallet. Yet I have forgotten that my loved ones have shown me the same kind of patience before.

As a facilitator at this workshop, I learned that the younger generation need to be patient when teaching the older generation on stuff that they (younger generation) are already familiar with.

We should never forget that once we were kids who didn’t know much in life, and yet our parents patiently guided and supported us all the time, even through our young adulthood. We should applaud seniors who are willing to learn the latest technology from us. 
~ Ving Lok, Facilitator

Hi, Tech team. Thank you very much not only for the notes which I treasure but for organising and taking part in teaching the oldies. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. But you have gone far beyond thought. You walked your talk.

I for one respect your knowledge of the subject but I really admire your patience, your willingness to impart it to us and your self control in being polite. You are friendly and eager to help.

I salute you and genuinely say “Thank you!!!”
~ Kong Beng, Participant

To the Tech team. 
Bravo! Indeed your performance was excellent!
Well done! Tqvm!😃
A big thank you to Rev. Alexa who led the team to patiently teach and bear with us seniors during this workshop!
~ Shirley Lim, Participant

I found it too noisy & too fast to keep up with the teacher. However, the young man helping me was patient and caring. I’m clearer now on how to use my TnG e-wallet although I’m still not 100% confident. Nevertheless, I have a clearer understanding of the use of the PIN in TnG now. I found the session extremely helpful.
TQ Team!
~ Vivien, Participant (guest of PJEFC member)

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🙌 Thank the Lord for the 57 seniors and 33 young people who displayed intergenerational beauty.

🙏 Pray for God’s continual protection over our seniors as they navigate through the world of e-wallets.

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