By Pastor Melissa Chan

Almost a year ago, we felt that God was challenging us to look at our social media differently. We were invited to envision what social media could be if we went beyond just being a billboard of sorts. We were challenged to ‘do ministry’ and make disciples through PJEFC’s social media.

But how?

How could we encourage social media users to engage with us?

How could we connect with our users?

How could we be real with people online?

It has been a time of relearning and rethinking our language and our content. We needed to give up certain familiar and easy approaches. It was also clear that ‘success’ was measured differently: while stats and data may increase, are people growing spiritually? We needed to get out of our comfort zones.

Fast forward to today. Our website serves as the main hub for information and updates. We had to be brutal with the clean-up, move from a more corporate feel to one that expresses warmth, and be strategic in creating connection points. Our Facebook and Instagram posts have included calls to respond and invitations to take action. Our next challenge is to make more shareable content that will enable people to minister and exhort just by sharing our posts.

We are mindful that there is still a big void into which the Malaysian Church has yet to speak. YouTube. The platform is the second highest search engine after Google. It is where millions are turning to for answers. Will they find Jesus and His Church there when they search? Will they find the truth spoken in love?

We would love to explore using YouTube more in the coming months for online engagement. And we need your help. You can enable PJEFC to minister in this online platform by subscribing to our YouTube channel. This helps to unlock tools that we can use for ministry! 

On our website, you can read our stories on The Vine Press and share them with friends. Every little act counts!

Together, we can use online media to make disciples for Christ!

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