By Aiiou Lai

I first came to know Jesus when I was 12 years old. I was studying at a Methodist secondary school in Malacca and many of my friends tried hard to convert me but their aggressive manner scared me. 

Recently, I attended the Alpha course and the sessions were easygoing and about real people and events. I was touched by the facilitators and participants who were caring and concerned. After a few sessions, at the weekend getaway on 4th Dec. 2021, Connie and Lih Mei prayed for me to invite God into my life. I felt a warm embrace, as if Jesus was hugging me and I cried my heart out in gratitude for God’s love for me. 

Many things had happened before the Alpha meetings. Upon reflection, I realised that God had a hand in all the decisions I had made in my life. He had answered most of my prayers without me realising it and I know God has been there for and with me all this while.  

My prayer now is for my husband, Ser Gun, to recover from his cancer and for my family to know Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Heavenly Father.

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🙏 Will you pray with Aiiou for her husband’s recovery and family’s salvation?