By Wilic

My wife Violet and I are extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to attend the Board retreat as observers in September. I have worshipped at PJEFC for slightly less than three years. A good two years coincided with the pandemic whereas Violet started worshipping in April this year after our wedding. The retreat was a great time to get to know church leaders and pastors, and all of them welcomed us warmly!  

The retreat was truly an eye opening experience and gave us a fresh perspective into how multifaceted PJEFC’s ministries are – from different congregations (English, Chinese, BM, Nepalese, Urdu) to every life stage (Sunday School, Impact, CUG, YAM, Joy) to Community Outreach (Foodbank, Welfare Fund), Christian Education and Development (CED), Soul Care, Overseas Missions, CG and many more ongoing or future ministries. We are most impressed by how the leaders evaluate and plan for these ministries with the big picture in mind instead of merely fixating on programmes and attendance. The focus was on how best to utilise all resources given by God to help His people love Him, love people and make disciples more effectively.  

I was also edified by a devotion session led by Rev. Dicky before the second day of planning began. Rev. Dicky reminded us of Jesus’ words: “I am the vine… apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). As branches, we should graft hard into our vine (Jesus) and receive the nutrients we need to bear fruit individually and corporately as a church. May God use PJEFC in a greater manner as we strive to live faithfully for Christ!

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🙏 Pray for the leaders as they continue serving the Lord in their various roles and responsibilities.

🙏 Pray for God to raise the younger generation of leaders and prepare them beforehand.