By Lilian Yew

I have undergone 2 major surgeries, ACL on the knee and hip replacement (from a broken femur), both on my left leg. I come from a strong Buddhist background. 

In rehabilitation and depressed mood, I was asked by my friend Wee Li Li to join in her 3-2-1 group conversations. Thereafter, I continued joining every once a month. Through interaction, I became curious wanting to know more about Jesus. 

I was then introduced to Shirly who is my condo-mate. She took me to the Joy Fellowship CNY celebration upon Li Li’s invitation. I wanted to join the Easter service but went online instead, and was touched by Rev. Alexa’s message. I mentioned this to Shirly and she arranged for me to meet Rev. Alexa, who then gave me a beautiful Bible.

Since then, I’ve been attending church every Sunday and never expected to attend church so consistently. At the end of my first Sunday service, I met Pastor Dicky at the Visitors Lounge. Pastor Dicky then took us out for lunch, where I questioned him a lot on Christianity. He answered to the best he could and encouraged me to read the Bible, which I did together with Shirly, who is my great tutor.  

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed going to church and looked forward to it every Sunday, especially the worship service, and I find the people I was introduced to were very friendly, encouraging and so willing to share about Christianity. 

I then joined the Alpha course and finally attended the Alpha weekend away at Bangi last week (Aug 19 – 20). During the Holy Spirit ministry time, Joyce prayed for me and I actually felt moved to tears. It was a very captivating, meaningful and emotional experience. I am pleased that I have not made the wrong choice to choose Christ in my life.

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