“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

The 321 mentoring program focuses on the spiritual growth and maturity of individuals through peer mentoring. In this program, a group leader or mentor works with two mentees to move one another towards spiritual growth and maturity.

In the program, three people meet for two hours once a month (hence, 321). It has been running for some time in PJEFC, with more than 170 church members in the program, testifying to the tremendous blessings they’ve received as both mentors and mentees. 

Here, two mentees, Adrian and Marcus, shared their experiences in the program and how it has impacted their spiritual journey.

Different Paths to the Same Destination

Adrian joined the program through the encouragement of his CG leader, Matthew, while Marcus expressed his desire to join the program to Rev. Alexa, who assigned Pastor Jeremy to be their mentor. Both young men desire to grow spiritually and step up in their walk with God.

Nothing Can Stop Us from Meeting Regularly

They have busy schedules, but still find time to meet because of their commitment to meeting regularly. During their meetings, they go through different topics that focus on theology, faith and doctrines, using the Journey of Faith Series material. They also pray for one another and share their life stories to spur one another on in their spiritual journeys.

Knowing & Learning

One of the significant benefits of the 321 program, according to Marcus, is the fellowship he experiences with his group. He has known Pastor Jeremy for a while, but the program allows them to know one another on a personal level, and he gets to learn from Pastor Jeremy’s experience. Adrian, on the other hand, finds the program helpful in learning how to react and respond to questions that challenge his faith. Here, Pastor Jeremy shares his experience and helps equip them to deal with different situations.

Embracing Growth in Self & Others

Both Adrian and Marcus recommend the 321 program to those who feel stagnated in their spiritual growth and need a boost in their spiritual life. The program provides an avenue to move them one step to the right, be equipped, and help someone else in the future.

In conclusion, the 321 program is an excellent opportunity to develop spiritual friendship with like-minded Christians. It allows individuals to have fellowship, learn from the others’ experiences, and be equipped to deal with situations that challenge their faith. 

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this program and experience tremendous blessings in their spiritual journey.

Get Involved

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🪴Another way to grow spiritually is to join a cell group (CG). If you’re not in a CG, reach out to us and we’ll connect you to a suitable CG.