By Pek Think

When two souls who love dancing collided, and after one tryout dance together, we knew it was a higher calling to do more – that is how PJEFC Line Dancing was birthed! It is parked under the JOY ministry as we believe all “Just Older Youths” stand to benefit the most from it. 

Many studies are currently being done worldwide to examine the effects of dance in reducing risks of dementia. Some primary healthcare providers have begun using dance as rehabilitative care for Alzheimer’s patients. However, these extensive studies are still in its early stages and hence, inconclusive, leaving much room for its potential to be materialised and documented. 

To elucidate this, we shall share some of the first-hand physical, psychological and emotional benefits our own members have personally experienced since they began dancing with us. Physically, some have observed improved flexibility, balance and coordination, and increased agility, muscle tone and stamina in their lives. Additionally, the amount of perspiration shed at the end of our typical one-and-a-half hour session should undoubtedly contribute to some calorie burning! Many have shared how they have noticed their memories improving since they started dancing. This should come as no surprise as a basic skill developed includes memorization of the steps. A sense of achievement is also keenly felt after managing to accomplish and perform all the steps in sync with the music.

As for the emotional benefits, it is quite profound and far-reaching, even intoxicating at times. When asked what they liked about dance, many instinctively replied that it makes them “happy”. Coincidentally or not, our instructor exudes a bubbly personality while a good number among us share a streak of playfulness, often filling the atmosphere of our sessions with fun and laughter. 

Dance also helps boost self-esteem and confidence by fostering self-expression just like art, music or singing does to many. For me personally, dancing is a great stress buster and mood lifter. Dance the blues away, as many would say. There is something about grooving to the sound of music that seems to take all our cares away. Science has proven that dancing releases endorphins, the happy hormones. Therefore, the next time you see us at the concourse dancing like nobody is watching, you know it is the dopamine doing its magic!

In all seriousness, our passion for dance and access to this group is fuelled by our deepest desire to provide an inviting sense of community for our members, especially those who have yet to know our Lord Jesus. Currently, we have a registered number of 54 active members (and still growing), a number that is way above what we envisaged when we began, and out of which 35% have yet to know Christ. It is our humblest wish that we can model after a “church porch” as termed by the late Timothy Keller, a place where we can continue to engage the members and have opportunities to bring God into our conversations. 

We pray that the Holy Spirit will enable us to be conduits of God’s hospitality in caring for one another, demonstrating how we who are in Christ treat each other; basically, doing life together. May the love and joy that He has so graciously filled our hearts to the brim overflow to those around us. A “Gift-love” as C.S. Lewis calls it in his book “Four Loves” – a love that I hope we not only reserve for our loved ones but to all whom He places in our paths.

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💃🕺 Everyone Can Dance – An opportunity to be intoxicated with happy hormones on Wednesdays.

💌 Invite seniors in your network or a senior at risk for dementia or Alzheimer to groove to the sound of music because Everyone Can Dance.