By Asiya

This year’s Global Leadership Summit (GLS) was a transformative experience, transcending the boundaries of a mere event to become a stepping stone for leaders to embrace their grander visions. Being a part of the GLS core committee as a member of Petaling Jaya Evangelical Free Church (PJEFC) added a special touch to the whole experience.

Other than world-class speakers and content, the summit featured an impressive array of 21 ministry booths, creating a dynamic platform for participants to witness the collective impact of their combined efforts. It was a testament to the unity and shared mission among the participants. On top of that, 10 workshop sessions were held by highly experienced leaders covering topics from earth to space, which made this Summit extraordinary.

Organising an event for more than 500 people was a challenge and something out of my comfort zone. As a core committee member, one of my roles that I truly enjoyed was reaching out to ministries and helping showcase their diverse areas of service at the Summit.

God’s providence was evident as PJEFC not only served as the venue but also became a vessel for His people to support the GLS team. The collaboration made the event seamless, with PJEFC volunteers going above and beyond expectations. Their unwavering commitment and selfless contributions played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the event. The GLS team was not only grateful for their assistance but humbled by their dedication.

Reflecting on GLS Selangor, it became more than an inspirational gathering; it was an eye-opening experience showcasing the transformative power of God. Witnessing individuals from diverse backgrounds coming together to serve a higher purpose was a powerful reminder of how God can move people to lead where they are for His glory. The synergy between GLS and PJEC demonstrated the beauty of community collaboration, leaving a lasting impact on both the organisers and participants alike.

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