By Samuyal Tamang & Joshua Simon


I would like to share about our two Nepalese Christmas 2021 meetings at The Well cafe. There were many challenges in planning the two meetings but your prayer support and encouragement have made them happen! We expected 100 people but 85 people turned up – 32 believers and 53 pre-believers from Subang Mahsing, Shah Alam and around PJ (security guards from Dutch Lady and Lam Seng Plastics). 

Our plan was to share the message of Christmas and follow up with the people we had reached out to at the previous Deepavali Selroti distribution. Therefore, we prepared 150 gift packs (body wash, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, singlet and masks) contributed by the PJEFC welfare fund. 

Everyone happily received the Christmas gifts and heard the testimonies of the CG leaders – Meen Darai, Prachand Mahara and Lekh Raj Limbu. Their hearts were also drawn closer to Christ and the Word of God by the message and testimony of God’s love from Chairman Elder Chow Chee Yan and Rev. Dicky Wong, and the short drama on Christmas. They enjoyed the icebreakers and the Nepalese food (pulau, mutton curry, kidney beans daal, pickle and vegetables) cooked by Pastor Sujan Khadka and lay leader Varat Shrestha. 

We announced our upcoming programs for 2022 (like medical clinics, outings, sports competitions and annual programs) and everyone was excited. 

After the two celebrations, we had a balance of 65 gift packs, which were distributed to those in PJ that we had invited but could not attend. 

We thank God for everything. We, the Nepali congregation, are very thankful to PJEFC for the gift packs and letting us use The Well for the meetings.

Your support and love encourage me to press on in the ministry despite the many challenges and discouragements. Wishing everyone a blessed new year. 

Glory be to the Lord! 

God Bless PJEFC.


We praise God for the fruitful event of 25th December 2021. It was attended by 125-130 people, out of which 20 were non-believers from Pakistani Muslim and Indian Sikh background. I am so happy to announce that for these non-believers, it was their first time hearing the Gospel. 

After the program, we had dinner and fellowship at The Well Café where we managed to connect with first-timers and also the non-believers. During the program, our Sunday School children presented the Nativity drama and sang carols. The children received Christmas gifts, and Sister Anita and Brother Arshad & Sister Mandeep shared very powerful testimonies describing the difference in their life before and after becoming Christians. I shared the Christmas message from John 15:1-17, titled “A living Christmas Tree”. 

I thank God for the excellent teamwork to ensure the program ran smoothly and we all adhered to the Covid-19 SOP. I wish to thank all the Urdu Church congregation members from both the Klang and PJ sides who went all out to share the Gospel message to everyone present during the program. My gratitude also to the AV and Media team, ushers and greeters, Sunday School teachers and children, PJEFC Urdu choir and Covid-19 officers.

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🙏 Pray for the 73 unsaved individuals that they will personally encounter God and be saved.

🙏 Pray for their leaders as they continue to move others one step to the right.