By Pastor Melissa Chan

If you are in a cell group (CG), I’d like you to take a moment to recall when was the last time you celebrated your cell leader (and assistant leader)? When did the CG come together last to appreciate and to pray for their leader?

My guess is that it has been a while. Admittedly, we have all been preoccupied with navigating the pandemic. And yet, quietly and faithfully, our CG leaders have been serving, caring, and ministering to God’s people, while they themselves fumble to learn the ropes in this new normal.

The strength of the CG came through in the various MCOs. Each small community clung together, lending care, offering prayer, and being present for one another. Chat groups came alive. And while our national leaders gave us the runaround, our CG leaders stood steadfast, providing stability for our communities and for our hearts. 

While the country was in lockdown, the church moved forward. How? By the love, the strength, and the tenacity of its CG leaders. Through CGs, PJEFC was able to share the vision of PJEFC Reaches Out, the Food Bank, Project HOPE, and Broadcast Hope. CG leaders looked out for the welfare of our members (and beyond) and made El Roi, the God who sees, tangible in the lives of people who felt they were forgotten. 

These are YOUR leaders, PJEFC. 

These shepherds who laid down their fears to keep the cell group going in an unpredictable time. 

These are the unsung heroes of the pandemic and of the church.

Some of these shepherds have led groups for years without rest. I believe that nothing refreshes the heart more than knowing that their sacrifice is appreciated. Would you take some time to craft a note, to express your heart, to celebrate your cell leader(s)? Let them know how you have grown, what their leadership has meant to you, and promise to keep praying for them.

Let them be unsung no more.

Get Involved

📨 Send a message to your CG leader & assistant leader, past or present, to appreciate them. 

💬 Invite your CG leaders to share their experience of leading the CG. Ask your CG leaders what they hope for the CG and how you can help.

🙏 Commit to pray for your CG leaders this month. Tell them that you are praying for them.