By Annie Lim

Being vulnerable is not easy. I am one of those who will say, “Other people’s problems are greater than mine. So, don’t trouble them.” Yet, I was given the opportunity to practice vulnerability on the night of June 30, 2022. 

Earlier that day, I had felt a torturous shooting pain in my stump* for more than 12 hours, which hurt me almost every other minute. In desperation, I reached out to Hera, Janice, Lucy (my childhood friend in Singapore), and Agnes (my cousin sister in Sandakan, Sabah). I thank God that all four sisters responded immediately.

While I was receiving their prayers with my hands lifted up, I felt a force coming down on me and I cried my heart out. Then, peace flooded me and my raging stump calmed down. The shooting pain eased and tapered to a rest. I was then singing, 

  Blessed be the Lord God Almighty,
  Who was and is, and is to come.
  Blessed be the Lord God Almighty,
  Who reigns forevermore.

Thanks to the four lovely ladies’ prayers, and God’s mysterious mercy and grace upon me, my exhausted body got to rest that night.

May you be encouraged to share your vulnerability with other Christian brothers and/or sisters no matter where they are – near or far! The Lord knows our weaknesses far more than we do, and He will provide the support we so need.

*Annie had her right leg amputated above the knee in December 1999 after a freak accident when a driver rammed his vehicle into her. Since then, she has been occasionally suffering stump pain.

Get Involved

👂 Listen to the sermon on “Discipleship & Vulnerability” and “Will God heal me?” or watch on YouTube.

💬 Share with someone in the Cell Group or Christian community of an area that you are suffering or struggling.

🙏 Pray that the Christian community will provide a safe space for individuals to share their story of shame, darkness, pain and struggle.