By Mathew Louis

This is my first Men’s Breakthrough Weekend retreat in PJEFC. My initial intention of attending this retreat was to get to know more brothers in PJEFC besides my cell group members.

During the retreat, I did get to know more brothers from the activities organised, especially when we split up into smaller groups. I had a great bonding time hearing their challenges in life and praying for one another.

Besides the fantastic fellowship, I learned from the speaker, Daniel Yeoh, who shared that we should be “living Christians” and not just “believing Christians”. I learned too about spending time with God DAILY rather than periodically when I need help or when it is convenient. God wants me to spend more time in prayer and reading His Word to experience breakthroughs in overcoming my struggles.

“Daily” spiritual food is what was lacking in my life in the past and I am glad this realisation sank deep into my heart during the retreat. I feel more at peace now and am able to manage issues better at home and workplace. This retreat has made me realise that  just as we need physical food daily to give us energy, we need spiritual food daily to sustain our spiritual journey with the Lord.

I would like to thank the organising committee for organising such a wonderful retreat. God bless.

Get Involved

🙏 Pray for the men in our midst and ourselves to partake our spiritual food daily.

🙏 Join prayer meetings on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.