Ascend, the creative tech team of PJEFC, has been serving the church for years with their expertise in audio, visual, and other media production. Through their hard work and dedication, they have contributed greatly, behind the scenes and on stage, to the church’s worship services and events. But what makes serving in Ascend special? What challenges do they face, and what hopes do they have for the future?

Erwin, one of the team members, shared that the most rewarding aspect of serving in Ascend is witnessing the growth and improvement of individual members. From struggling with commitment to becoming more faithful and skilled in their service, seeing members grow is a great encouragement for him. Additionally, seeing Impacters stepping up to serve on Ascend is a hopeful sign. However, one challenge he faces is getting everyone to take ownership of the instruments and equipment they use. He hopes to see more people taking initiative and learning basic maintenance skills so as to share the responsibility of keeping the equipment in good condition.

Joanne, another team member, finds excitement in exploring different mediums of worship, such as creative writing and production. She enjoys creating stories and songs that reflect God’s character and presence among His people. Hearing feedback cheers her on to serve and develop her skills even further. However, she struggles with recruiting people who share her passion and dedication to serve in this area. Her hope for 2023 is to have a dedicated team of creative individuals who can collaborate and create impactful projects that build God’s kingdom.

Kaylynn, on the other hand, values the empowerment and knowledge she has gained from serving in Ascend. Understanding how the church works and working with faithful and skilled people are some of the things she finds memorable and exciting. Even though she serves behind the scenes and gets mentioned on stage, she acknowledges the faithful bunch of members who avail themselves and serve without complaints. She hopes to share this empowerment with others, particularly the creative tech team, to continue the legacy of serving with excellence and passion.

Sue-Ann, who operates the projection during worship services, finds joy in seeing musicians, vocalists and worship leaders come together and play music almost immediately. It is a testament to the preparation and dedication of the worship team. Her hope for 2023 is to see the passion and engagement of all Ascenders continue, especially now that the church has transitioned back to onsite services.

In conclusion, Ascend is more than just a team of technical experts and musicians/vocalists. It is a community of individuals who share a common goal of serving God and His people with excellence and passion. They face challenges, but they also find joy in witnessing growth, exploring creativity, gaining knowledge, and working with a team of faithful servants. As they look to the future, their hope is for more people to join them in their journey, take ownership of their service, explore new avenues of worship, and continue the legacy of excellence and passion.

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