By Wee Li Li

Being a young follower of Christ has been quite a journey. It’s also interesting that after I accepted Christ, I ended up working in PJEFC. What a journey it has been for me!! This year seems to be another different kind of season for me. I had this strong desire to learn more about discipleship. And I am literally hungry to know all of the ‘how tos’. What better time to equip myself as July is DMM. I signed up for almost ten workshops. Yes! I was excited but there was also fear. What if I’m not knowledgeable enough about God’s word? What if I seem too pushy? What if they reject me?

These are the things I manage to learn from DMM:

  • Discipleship is more than just imparting knowledge; it involves nurturing a loving and supportive relationship that fosters spiritual growth.
  • The discipleship journey begins with building a strong foundation of trust and love. Create a welcoming and non-judgmental environment where new believers feel safe to share their thoughts, doubts, and questions. Demonstrate genuine care and compassion, showing them the love of Christ through your words and actions.
  • It is natural for new believers to have questions and doubts as they explore their faith. Be patient and open to discussing their concerns. Provide thoughtful answers and, when needed, seek guidance from more experienced mentors or church leaders.
  • Lead a Christ-like life. Demonstrate humility, kindness, forgiveness, and grace in your interactions with others. Show them how the teachings of Jesus are reflected in your everyday actions and decision-making. BE LIVING FAITH!!
  • Share your own testimonies of challenges faced and victories gained through faith. Personal stories have a profound impact and can offer valuable lessons to new believers as they navigate their own walk with Christ.
  • Celebrate the new believers’ milestones and growth in their faith. Acknowledge their progress, and remind them of God’s faithfulness in this journey. Mark significant events like baptism or public declarations of faith with joy and encouragement.

I have been really blessed since I accepted Christ in my life. God has been sending gracious, patient, loving and compassionate people in my life to disciple me. Though there are days when life seems more challenging, I know He is always there to provide and show me the way. 

Discipling new believers is a sacred duty that requires patience, compassion, and commitment. By building a foundation of trust, studying the Bible together, encouraging prayer and worship, and supporting them in a loving community, you and I can play a vital role in their spiritual growth. Remember to continually model Christ-like living and provide a safe space for them to share doubts and questions. As we invest in their spiritual development, we will witness the transformational power of God’s love in their lives and ours.

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