By Jia Hong & Eirene

Running the 1st Alpha PMC was a lot of fun, especially with the help of the other two couples (Jasmine/Dih Haw and Wilic/Violet) and the support of Rev. Alexa.

One thing I’m grateful for is that the Alpha PMC was a great way to reconnect with some Christians who had fallen away from a church community but were keen to attend a pre-marital course before taking the next step in getting married. We also had some non-Christian couples joining the course!

The Alpha material was all prepared out of the box, and our main role as facilitators was simply to ensure that the couples felt welcome and comfortable, and had enough snacks throughout the 5 sessions. We simply had to hit the play and pause button of the video, and let the couples discuss among themselves, based on the prompts provided by the video.

Running the course was also a blessing to my husband and me, as the materials covered were also fresh reminders on how to grow a stronger marriage and relationship.

I hope that the next Alpha PMC will see new facilitators and be able to reach out to many couples of all faiths, serving as a new way for PJEFC to reach out and bless the wider community around us.

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🙏 Pray for the six couples who attended Alpha PMC that they will continue to discover and appreciate each other.

🙏 Pray for the three facilitators that God will use them mightily to influence other couples in their network.

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