By Pastor Priscilla Lim

Our kids’ Super Sunday on 15 October 2023 was a day of excitement, noise, chaos, and also a time of learning. 

As I reflected on Super Sunday, three words came to mind. 


I saw an eagerness in the kids – their willingness to sing, dance, play, and answer questions. There was an eagerness in their spirit to receive the message, to hear about Jesus and even to share what they have learned.

And even by just observing, I hope that I can take away some of that eagerness and hunger when it comes to learning about God – that we adults won’t be complacent or think we’ve heard it all before, but always be that eager beaver saying, “Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.” 


The second point I learned is truly God’s grace from above.

I still get some jitters from the words “Super Sunday” but through it all, I was reminded repeatedly by what Paul heard from Jesus: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

God’s grace was in keeping everyone healthy. Almost everyone who signed up came. 

God’s grace was in keeping everyone safe. A very expensive item fell from the stairs, which cost some money and a broken heart, but I’m thankful that nobody got injured in the process.

God’s grace was in people offering to help and fill in wherever needed. I also experienced grace among church members, dealing with extra crowds and noise, and welcoming newcomers in our midst. 


Super Sunday is a great opportunity to see people of different ages, personalities and talents work together…

…from Scripture Union running the program for the kids 

…to Sunday School teachers who volunteered to lead

…to Impact Facilitators and youths stepping in

…to the Youth With A Mission team from South Africa availing their hands and feet,  just to lead, guide and care for the young ones, connecting with them through songs, games, discussions and a big building project.

I know some of them were nervous but I observed how some of these volunteers connected with the kids so quickly and naturally, how at the end of the day some of the kids were reluctant to say their goodbyes.

Not forgetting the church congregation, those Andrews in the church, who invited their friends, neighbours, relatives, so that our numbers doubled that Sunday.

Also, the people who stepped in behind the scenes – moving chairs, clearing furniture, creating deco, setting up, buying food, baking bread, serving refreshments, organizing gifts, making name tags, putting up signs, setting up photobooth and props, connecting with newcomers. 

Everyone truly played a part in making Super Sunday super!

So thank you all for your help and prayers.

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🗓️ Save the date for the reopening of Sunday School on 14 January 2024 and invite little children to not only learn about the Bible, Jesus and Christianity, but also to make friends and build relationships.

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