Personally, I found the retreat to be a good opportunity for me to get to know the people in Ascend. Over the weekend, 40 of us bonded over sharing stories about ourselves, baking a haw flake cake as a group (Ask Ps Melissa for the recipe – The cake was flourless and moist!), performing reimagined nursery rhymes, and having our Sunday service at the Chen family’s estate.

It’s important to understand that whether we lead worship on stage, play the various musical instruments, or sit in the AV booth, we are on this journey towards becoming more Christ-like together. We can glorify God in all the things we do on stage and backstage. We can get tired and frustrated when serving. We can get burnt out and lost along the way. The retreat has been a reminder that we are a community and if you want to get sentimental, a family.

So, while there are times when I may disagree with my brother or sister in Christ about their song choices, I hope I can remember that we are all striving to give our best when serving God and His people. We should love each other and in Christ-like love, may we rebuke each other only when necessary.

Tiffany Wen


My STEP journey started way before I left Malaysia. In fact it started months ago when I started to raise funds for this trip. Seeing how God worked through the people by providing for me abundantly really encouraged and motivated me for this trip. 

Back home I never really understood what the ship was, and now no amount of words or pictures could sum what the experience on board is like. I couldn’t even completely describe it to you even if I wanted to. However what I can describe to you is how I have seen God work through the people in Argentina and how I have seen people received hope and love from the ship theough our service on board.

Galley life is also another highlight on board. One word– humbling. Cooking food or cleaning up after 400 people is no easy feat but when I remember Matthew 25:40 ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me’ and everyone is really supportive and helps one another, it makes the different jobs much easier.

Scott Poovendra

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