Refiller Mobile

Date: 10 December 2023, Sunday
Time: 9.00 AM – 1.00 PM
Venue: Entrance 3, PJEFC

How to Refill?

STEP 1: Pre-order online by 3 December, Sunday.
🔵 Pre-order here.

STEP 2: Prepare CLEAN & DRY bottles/containers.
🔵 It is very important to prepare CLEAN and DRY bottles/containers to help prevent germs and mold from growing and also to prevent contamination.

STEP 3: Label the bottles/containers.
🔵 After labelling the bottles/containers, kindly place them into solid bag(s). Avoid plastic/paper bag.

STEP 4: Bring your bottles/containers to the Concourse on 3 December, Sunday.
🔵 Our friendly volunteers will ensure that your bag is tagged with your name and contact.

STEP 5: Pay and collect on 10 December, Sunday.
🔵 Payment method: Cash / TNG / DuitNow

About Refiller Mobile

They are a mobile Refiller business that offers eco-friendly household cleaning agents, dry nuts, dry fruits, sunscreen and other alternative products. Their aim is to reduce single-use plastic, be kind to our environment and preserve a healthy planet for the benefit of its flora and fauna and our next generation.

Pre-order is closed.

If you are still interested to refill, you may visit the van on Sunday (10 Dec) to submit your order. Please be advised that there may be a delay in collecting your refills, and your patience during this wait is greatly appreciated.