The Senior and Mobility Corner was a new addition to the Carnival this year. It was heart-warming to see some of those who really needed assistance make use of the area. The idea behind having the area was so that seniors and those who needed mobility assistance could have a comfortable place to rest when needed, and enjoy a worry-free meal without having to go up and down the stairs. Our lovely connectors were also on hand to have a chat with those who were on their own and to lend a helping hand to get food for those who needed it. This group can get forgotten easily, so it was an honour to create a safe place for them at the carnival this year, to show them that they are definitely an important part of our community.

Sue-Ann Chia
MAD Carnival Lead Connector (Mobility Zone)

This was not just any ordinary calligraphy class. It was conducted with the objective to share the Gospel using various Chinese words. The 8 Chinese words on exhibition were handpicked to tell the the story of Christianity. The story of God’s love was shared and easily picked up by the participants in 15 mins. Through the sharing, we learned about the importance of having a personal relationship with God to achieve harmony & happiness in life, and ultimately to obtain prosperity. Prosperity ( 福)is the word that we learned to write on that day, so that we could bring one home as a souvenir, understanding the Christian meaning behind this word.

The participants (from young kids to seniors) definitely benefitted from the session. Besides learning about Jesus, they also got a chance to learn calligraphy from Sister Poh Ling (the sifu), discovering the different kinds of calligraphy style and the proper way (from holding the brush to stroke movement) of writing.

All in all, It was a very encouraging experience for me as I got to see the many enthusiastic responses from the participants. They were very keen to learn about Christianity through the Chinese characters, and I pray that the Gospel seeds sown into their hearts will one day bear fruit!

Shirley Ham
MAD Carnival Volunteer (Chinese Calligraphy)

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