Jesus said, “…go and make disciples of all nations…”(Matt 28:19). This is the marching order for churches. Missions is our human response to the Divine Commission. In obedience to this command and fulfil the Great Commission, PJEFC has included in its own mission statement the following:

“We in PJEFC aspire that each one be a discipled, involved, committed, caring, mission-oriented member of the body of Christ”

The church has therefore undertaken two significant roles – being a sending and a supporting church.

In the sending role, the focus is to identify those who have a growing burden to enter the fields of potential harvest, pray with them and prepare them for the work. In the supporting role, the focus is on funding and encouraging people or organisations that are actively serving in the missions field.

All cross-cultural ministries, overseas and locally, are under the purview of the Missions Department.