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Reflection on the time spent interning in PJEFC office

After spending almost two and a half months in PJEFC office, interning under the guidance of Pastor Melissa, it is safe to say I’ve learnt a great deal and benefited a lot from this program. From helping out in the Christmas preparations to coming up with CG materials to planning out activities, it dawned on me that there is a lot of stuff needed to be completed in order for the Church to run smoothly each week. Working here helped me appreciate the efforts of every staff member who put in hours of effort each day to serve God and His people. My time here also provided me with the opportunity to observe how grown-ups interact with each other, especially in a working environment. It was also fascinating to see the many types of people who set foot into the office, either delivering packages or inquiring for someone. Plus, the office is a great place to read and hear about the upcoming events of the church. I would strongly encourage all young people to intern in the PJEFC office, just check with Pastor Melissa if there is anything to do.

Alyssa Yoong


Hi, I am Donny, father of Faith Olivea. I am writing this testimonial with lots of love and gratitude for all the support & great services that you had provided for my daughter in the past 14 months here in Bridges.

Before Bridges, we struggled to get Olivea to connect with us. She is a non-verbal girl that was not capable to express her need and wants. Therefore, she manifested herself with tantrums.

Bridges has changed her world and in turn has improved all of our lives. Olivea has achieved many goals and milestones. She is able to regulate herself and her emotions better now. She has improved so much in only 14 months here in Bridges.

This is all possible due to teacher’ dedication and commitment. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate Bridges EIP & all that your staff have done to enrich our daughter’s life. You are all amazing. Bridges has become like a family to us. Thank you so much. God bless you & every child you serve.

Donny Dukim

We are hiring! For the position of Head Teacher
Requirements. Candidate must:
•be a Christian
•have at least 5 years experience in teaching children with special needs;
•possess a qualification (preferably a degree) in related field.
Email your CV to Rachel Tsan at


I had heard positive feedback about the SDE organized by PJEFC’s Joy Ministry but scepticism and cynicism prevented me from venturing further. “How can anyone exercise sitting down?” was my reaction! Besides, I argued, I was walking a few times a week and thought that that was enough exercise. I gave it no further consideration until two years ago when, out of curiosity, I decided to give it a try. My first experience was pleasant and I invited my daughter’s parents-in-law ( “in-laws” ) for the next SDE and was surprised when they, in turn, invited seven other friends of theirs for the SDE.

PJEFC had been emphasizing “Lifestyle Evangelism” and I had been praying for avenues to build bridges with my in-laws and others. I began to realize that, apart from the salutary effect of SDE which I was beginning to appreciate ( my hitherto difficulty in squatting improved after some of the exercises! ), SDE was the fillip to draw pre-believers to connect with PJEFC. The weekly SDE provided an incentive for my in-laws and their friends to meet regularly for exercise followed by lunch and I joined them.

I was much encouraged when some of them attended a function organized by the Chinese Church and others attended a talk on hand massage and the recent Christmas Joy celebration. As I build bridges with them, it now becomes easier to invite them for church programmes and one of them has agreed to attend Alpha this year!

As I reflect on my initial scepticism, I praise the Lord that I shed my prejudices and became open to the “new thing” ( Isaiah 43 v.19 ) that the Lord is doing through SDE and some of the other activities organized by Joy Ministry in providing a simple and non-threatening way for pre-believers to connect with the church.

Annie Lam



Access previous sermons via streaming, podcast or download on our Sermons page.

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