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The King’s Cross (Part 2)

We generally associate discipleship with learning, learning with books, and books with reading. Thus, logically, when someone says ‘discipleship culture’ we may actually hear ‘a culture of reading’. But is discipleship limited to reading books and, perhaps, attending conferences? Sometimes, it seems that this is what we have reduced it to.

The recent series showcasing the disciples is food for thought. There was little mention of reading or continuous classroom teaching by Jesus. The phrase we at PJEFC have chosen to describe and define discipleship is “laboring in the lives of a few” because this is what we see Jesus doing. What does ‘labouring in the lives of a few’ mean to you?

In the past months, we have had the privilege of having a few interns in the church office. Laboring in their lives sometimes meant hearing their ideas and giving thoughtful input. It meant allowing them to try out their ideas, make mistakes, and rejoice in their successes. Labouring meant having tough conversations when things went wrong, to ask hard questions that may leave you a little vulnerable too, and to remind them to rest. Labouring in their lives also meant that one needed to adhere to the standard of which we ask them to aspire (and hold them) to. Discipleship entails journeying with a person, earning the right to speak into their lives, and, like Jesus, modelling with our own lives. In not modelling well, many lose the authority to disciple others.

Does that mean we must be perfect in order to disciple? While Jesus says ‘Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect’ (Matt. 5:48), I believe that it is not perfection that qualifies us to disciple others. It is our recognition of our imperfection and our readiness to admit our mistakes that wins us the right to lead others in Christ’s ways. There is no perfect leader except the one who went to the Cross. While we aspire to and are held to His standards, we are not even near-perfect on this side of heaven. But by God’s grace and mercy, and through the labouring of others, there is yet hope. So, let us labour. Let us make disciples.

Pastor Melissa Chan
Pastor in charge of Worship & CED


Pulpit Series
The Gospel of Mark: The King’s Cross (Pt. 2)

The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel (Mark 1:15). With these words from Mark’s gospel, Jesus takes centre stage in this fast-paced gospel account. Mark presents Jesus as an extraordinary healer, teacher, debater and leader. But more than this, he is shown to be the Christ, the Son of God, the Lord and saviour. The 2 main focuses of Mark’s gospel is Christology and Discipleship. While this 10-week series will take us all the way to Easter, we will look at it in 2 parts with chapter 8 as a turning point. Let us spend the next few weeks remembering and reflecting on the truth and power of God. We will be awed by the love of our King as we survey His Cross.

3 March The Power, Mark 4 – Elder Choong Yee Fong
10 March The Stain, Mark 7 – Elder Choong Yee Fong
17 March The Turn, Mark 8 – Pastor Melissa Chan
24 March The MOUNTAIN, Mark 9 – Tom Alexander
31 March The SERVANT LEADER, Mark 10 – Elder Chow Chee Yan
07 April YOUTH SUNDAY,Elizabeth Chin

Chinese Church Pulpit
To follow Christ passionately

3 March – Jesus said it, I just do it – Pr James Yong
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17 March – Waiting on God’s Timing – Pr James Yong
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31 March – Listen, You Listen – Ling Yok Wong



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Access previous sermons via streaming, podcast or download on our Sermons page.

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